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Posted: March 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Madcap Application Suite

Madcap Application Suite


Madcap is the brainchild of people who had moved in from diverse sectors of documentation and can be safely labeled as the complete solution for ALL documentation requirements of a company.

The main products in the Madcap suite are:
  • Flare – The flagship product of Madcap

  • Blaze – Watered down version of Flare, with just print capabilities

  • XEdit – Even more scaled down version of Flare; no changes to style is possible

  • XEdit Review – Free utility, for users to review Flare documents without having to install Flare


Madcap also has an array of tools for multimedia documentation. The chief product in this category is Mimic, which is similar to Captivate or Robodemo. The voice recording functionality of Mimic is available as a stand alone in the form of Echo. And more, we have Capture, that is an Image capture utility, and stands tall when compared with other similar applications like Snag It and Full Shot. Hats off to Mad Cap, for implementing single sourcing in even screen capture applications. Capture is fully integrated with Flare, so you can call Capture from Flare while editing a graphic, change the Master source file of the graphic, and hurray…it gets updated in the project simultaneously.


Flare supports server based features like Analyzer and Feedback. While Analyzer helps the authors to generate technical / efficiency reports, the unique Feedback feature lets the authors get feedback from their readers. So for all online help, the users will get an option to give their feedback to the topic in question, and may be rate too! So, this is taking the online help to an entirely different level, because it becomes interactive. For localization purposes, Madcap proposes Lingo, that is based on the Software as a Service – SaaS model.


Flare has a novel approach to reviewing documents. Its just a click away, and you can not only send for review from right within the application, you can also control the way the document can be reviewed, i.e. just annotations allowed or full editing rights! I am sure there would be a way to mark topics that have gone for review, as we do not want to edit those topics any further till the time we receive the feedback. But that I have to check. Talking of collaboration, Flare supports up to five users, but beyond that, and sensibly enough it opens the gates for any source control application to manage the Flare projects. So you can map your Flare project in say.. VSS and then Check In and Check out between large teams effortlessly.


Lastly, the element level control that Flare provides is amazing. Each block of information can be shifted seamlessly and conditionalized. So, Flare gives a new dimension to conditional text at element level, although it keeps supporting the simple text level conditions as well as at File level.

  1. Sherry K says:

    I am experiencing the following error in MadCap when I build my project. “Internal error: Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created.” I have reloaded .netframeworks 2.0, but this did not fix the error. Is anyone else experiencing this, and, if so, what caused it and how did you fix it? Help!

    • Mark says:

      Hi Sherry,

      Did you figure out what was going on here? I’m seeing the same thing with Flare 6 when I run MadBuild from the command line.


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